What is Servio ?

Servio is a service management platform and marketplace that connects customers with different service providers. The platform caters to various industries such as automobile cleaning services, waste management, transportation, general cleaning, garden work, and more. Servio is a progressive web and mobile application that offers accessibility for multiple user types, including different service providers and customers.

It is offered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) and provides a reliable and safer way for customers to satisfy their different service requirements. Servio also offers features such as a 24x7 support team, employee tracking system, invoice generating system, employee management system, collection of services and professionals in different fields, online payment systems, important notifications via SMS and email, customer membership, and more. The platform is designed to fulfill customer service requirements without being time-consuming and in a more reliable and safe way.

How can Servio can help you ?

Servio can help customers and service providers in various ways. For customers, Servio can save time by providing access to a variety of reliable service providers through its platform. Customers can also track the progress of their services and receive guarantees for the quality of the services they receive.

Additionally, Servio provides a comprehensive list of different industries, including automobile cleaning services, construction sites, and waste management, among others.
For service providers, Servio offers a solution to the problem of customers not knowing about them or their services. The platform also provides a management system for employee-related services and offers an easy way to transform their existing companies into digital. Furthermore, Servio offers a collection of services and professionals in different fields, which helps service providers to expand their reach and improve their business.

Features ...

  • Employee tracking system.
  • Invoice generating system.
  • Guarantee of services.
  • Employee management system.
  • Online payment systems.
  • Sending important notifications via SMS and email, and individual service provider registration. Customers can become members of the system and enjoy some benefits, while service providers can manage their services and enhance their business through Servio.

Pricing ...

We have a subscription-based pricing model, where clients pay a monthly or annual fee based on the number of Users using our platform. Our pricing is flexible, and we offer different pricing tiers based on the client's needs
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